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Case excavator loader: 50th birthday, 50 years of brilliance

case excavator loader: 50th birthday, 50 years of brilliance

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Guide: in February 2007, case, the world's first manufacturer of integral design excavator loader, will usher in the 50th birthday of case excavator loader with M88 ⑵ engine from France. Case has many exclusive and first-class records in the design and development of backhoe loaders, one of which is case 320

in February 2007, case, the world's first manufacturer of excavators and loaders with integral design, will celebrate its 50th birthday. Case has many "exclusive" and "first" records in the design and development of backhoe loaders, one of which is case 320, the world's first true backhoe loader, which is specially designed and produced for construction engineering construction

"in 1957, case manufactured the first professional excavator loader, which brought new changes to the construction machinery industry." Dai Haowei, general manager of case China, explained the significance of case's invention of backhoe loader. "Before case invented the excavator loader, construction contractors had to use agricultural tractors with loader accessories or sometimes install excavation accessories to work. Since they owned case 320 of case, they have obtained an unprecedented multi-function machine. A case 320 can complete excavation, hoisting, loading, backfilling and other construction applications. Such a design is to adapt to worse engineering construction applications. ”

when talking about the "exclusivity" and "first" of case's industry leadership, Mr. Li Kunlong, product manager of case engineering machinery China, said: "in fact, case 320 is only the beginning. After that, case has continuously led the research and development trend of backhoe loaders and successfully introduced many revolutionary design innovations, such as" automatic return of loading "and" automatic return of driving "functions The mid point design of the boom to increase stability, the case extendahoe automatic telescopic boom, the hydraulic automatic replacement of accessories, the smooth driving damping system, and the patented case PCs hydraulic precision control system. These user value oriented designs improve the operability of the equipment, shorten the working cycle time, and greatly improve the work efficiency. "

the most obvious difference between case 320 and the current case M2 series backhoe loader lies in the appearance of the cab and the operating environment, which is expected to be different by 2019. The earliest case 320 was equipped with a simple chair with a back made of steel and a cushion made of filler (this was a great improvement over agricultural machinery at that time). But today's case excavator loader is equipped with the most comfortable cab in the industry. Mr. Li Kunlong continued: "case M2 series excavators and loaders are equipped with a full set of luxury cab facilities. They not only have the industry-leading low-noise technology, but also provide an unimaginable good operating vision."

50 years of innovation and improvement

"it is also noteworthy that the control system has changed." Mr. Li Kunlong said. "Nowadays, case's excavators and loaders are equipped with double control handles, which is very easy to operate. And the control mode can be adjusted according to the preferences of the operators."

general manager Dai Haowei also said: "Since case manufactured the first backhoe loader, one thing has not changed, that is, case strives to bring users not only excellent hardware equipment. Therefore, in 2007, case's credit service company will also celebrate its 50th anniversary of business. For 50 years, case credit has noticed the unique needs of construction contractors and other equipment users - they not only need appropriate equipment to help them complete the construction, but also More optimized repayment plans and credit terms are needed to help them further expand their business. Today, tens of thousands of users have started their own business from owning case's backhoe loader and continue to grow with the help of case credit. " Now, case's agents in China also provide users with a series of financial and credit solutions to help them buy and use case's products

more than two years ago, the sales volume of case excavators and loaders has exceeded 500000 units worldwide. "There is no other safety device. Any excavation loader manufacturer has such a large sales volume," Mr. Li Kunlong said confidently. "Now the case excavation loader is approaching the goal of 750000."

celebration activities, wonderful -- the 50th anniversary version of the model is launched

in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the case excavator loader, all the case excavator loaders produced in 2007 will be marked with the words "50th anniversary" on the loading arm and the excavation arm. Customers can also buy the special 50th anniversary model, which will have more options. In addition, case will show users an all black customized case 50th anniversary model at the industry exhibition in 2007. In the windows on both sides of this model are the original case 320 excavator loader and the future concept car of case excavator loader designed by case engineer Carl hagele, who uses the least materials to reach the highest protection of the product

the book on the development of guancais backhoe loader will also be presented to Chinese users. CAIS will also dedicate this book to all visitors to the exhibition stands of various industry exhibitions that CAIS participated in in 2007

the models of case M2 series excavators and loaders include: 580m, 580mc, 580m turbo, 580 super m, 580 super m+, and 590 super M. The product features include a unique Pro control system (hydraulic precision control system), an optional hydraulic pilot control system, and an automatic hydraulic quick change mechanism at the excavation end that allows operators to change accessories in the cab. The power range of the product series ranges from 76 to 98 horsepower. Case M2 series excavators and loaders will continue to be characterized by strong, reliable and highly flexible construction requirements. At the same time, case also continues to maintain its traditional position as a leader in the excavator loader industry

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