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Liugong 55th anniversary user story "Liugong helped me make 10 million"

Liugong 55th anniversary user story "Liugong helped me make 10 million"

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Guide: when he met Hubei user Wu Dadi, he was busy in a rage. It is hard to imagine that he is 67 years old this year and is as energetic as a young man. For more than ten years, Wu dada, with a strong drive and the spirit of hard work, from a farmer who has nothing, through purchase

when he saw Hubei user "Wu Dadi", he was busy in a hurry. It is hard to imagine that he is 67 years old this year and is as energetic as a young man

for more than ten years, "Wu Dadi" has become a battlefield boss with three loaders and more than ten million dollars, with a strong drive and spirit of hard work. From a farmer who has nothing, through the purchase and use of Liugong loaders, he has become the epitome of the development of a loyal user of Liugong

on the simple office wall of "Wu dada", there is a picture of Chairman Mao's head with eight characters "red star shining, fight according to me", which is not only a reflection of his entrepreneurial spirit, but also his battlefield - the cultural essence of striving for prosperity

someone asked him, "many people have been idle since they retired at the age of 60, but why are you still doing this?"

he said, "there is no way. It's like the stacking, handling, inspection, listing and placement of goods. I'm like a Liugong loader, which is durable and powerful. I want to set an example for my four sons and daughters and replace them to encourage them to make more contributions to society."

the picture shows Liu Gong's user "Wu dad"

"Wu dad" entrepreneurial best friend to accompany

in 1997, at the age of 51, "Wu dad" encountered the biggest twists and turns in his life. Originally, the family worked in a fertilizer factory in Wuhan. Because of the poor management of the fertilizer factory, the factory closed down. Like many laid-off workers, "Wu Dadi" is facing the dilemma of self entrepreneurship. At the end of the 1990s, Wuhan put forward the development period of "striving for a municipality directly under the central government and building a super city". Wu dada keenly judged that the earthwork market in Wuhan, with great development, would be bright. With the original enthusiasm of farmers, "Wu dad" with his two sons, contracted a sand field and began to engage in earthwork management

it is said that everything is difficult at the beginning, "Wu dad" quickly gained a reputation in the industry with his "great strength". As soon as he mentioned "Wu dad", everyone gave a thumbs up. However, from a few people at the beginning to a dozen people, the business development of "Wu Dadi" exceeded his expectations. In order to expand business, in 2000, "Wu dada" came up with the idea of buying a loader to improve work efficiency. After many consultations and comparisons, "Wu dad" took a fancy to Liugong zl30e loader, but due to the economic conditions at that time, he couldn't get so much money at once, which made "Wu dad" sad. Hubei Huayu Liugong Machinery Sales Service Co., Ltd. learned about this situation and handled installment payment for "Wu Dadi"

recalling this "love relationship" with Liu Gong in those days, "Wu dad" sighed, "the luckiest thing is that he came into contact with Liu Gong's loader at the beginning." He believes that Liu Gong has made his career and the road to wealth a "shortcut", not only helped me at the lowest point of my life, but also a trusted "partner"

in terms of business partners, Liu Gong is the choice.

"Wu dad" said that he was a very picky cantilever beam for choosing "business partners": 1J 2.75j, 5.5 people. Because he had mastered the driving technology and simple maintenance technology of tractors before, he had very high requirements for construction machinery. He had been promoted by some "loader" salesmen of different brands before, and he also made a test drive comparison, and found that either the bucket had quality problems or the handling performance was unstable. At first, the purchase of loaders still made "Wu dad" somewhat confused

fortunately, after dealing with mechanical equipment for many years, "Wu dad" knows that only those who really use and understand the equipment can have an objective and comprehensive understanding of the equipment, and their suggestions are the most valuable reference

therefore, "Wu Dadi" went to the surrounding construction sites to chat with the loader drivers, listening to these drivers' feelings about the loader they were driving, so as to choose the right brand. Among them, the evaluation of a Liugong driver attracted his attention. The driver said that there are many brands of loaders constructed in the sand field. Liugong loaders mainly have two advantages: first, they are impact resistant, stable, and have strong loading capacity. They have experienced many tests under various adverse conditions. Second, long service life. The quality control is stable and reliable, and has been verified by mature markets for more than 40 years. By comprehensive comparison, the overall construction efficiency of Liugong loader is very suitable for working under adverse conditions

but these suggestions are not enough for "Wu dada", who has some understanding of machinery, to make a final decision. "Wu dad" decided to borrow a Liugong loader to experience it for himself. 300 tons of sand, from 7 o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the afternoon when the energy center has become the focus of attention, took 9 hours to finish all the work that a dozen workers usually spend a week to finish. The speed and stability of control are completely beyond the imagination of "Wu dad". This makes "Wu dad" have a bottom in his heart. Therefore, in 2000, "Wu dad" bought the first loader in his life - Liugong zl30e loader

in the first year of buying the loader, "Wu dad" returned to his hometown. "Wu Dadi" believes that the cost can be recovered in a very short time. In addition to the large amount of work, the main thing is that Liugong loader is very "awesome". In one year, there was no failure except for replacing the butter (lubricating oil), which ensured that each project could be completed efficiently and timely, and laid a good foundation for making a lot of money

Liu Gong helped take off and start a business of 10 million

the picture shows Wu Dadi (third from the left) and Liu Gong's dealers and factory staff taking photos at the construction site

from the purchase of the first Liugong zl30e loader, "Wu dada" is Liugong's loyal customer. After that, "Wu dada" should pay attention to and understand every time Liugong launches new products. From Liugong clg836, ZL40B, clg842 to zl50cn, clg855, etc., "Wu dada" knows these products like a book. At the same time, he also bought the first zl30e loader in installment payment and the second and third zl50cn and CLG856 loaders in full payment, and his business grew bigger and bigger. Not only that, after the battlefield formed a scale, many machine owners of the same industry came to understand the use of Liugong loaders, "Wu dada" also took the trouble to recommend Liugong loaders to the machine owners

"now my four children have bought houses and cars. When I was laid off, who could have imagined today's situation? The idea at that time was very simple, that is, to make more money and support my family. In more than 10 years, I have made more than 10 million, and Liugong loader has become my 'tool for making money' and a part of my life". Looking back on the hardships of more than 10 years, "Wu dad" sighed a lot. Needless to say, Liu Gong loader left an indelible impression on "Wu dad"

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