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The 50% equity of Great Wall broadband is to be sold for 712 million yuan

the announcement of Beijing Equity Exchange shows that CITIC Network Co., Ltd. plans to list and sell its 50% equity of Great Wall broadband at a price of 712 million yuan. On November 6, Dr. Dongpeng, another major shareholder of Great Wall broadband, announced that he planned to purchase 50% of the equity of Great Wall broadband held by CITIC Network Co., Ltd. with no more than 750million yuan in cash on the grounds of continuing to expand telecom value-added services. If Dr. Peng purchases successfully, Great Wall broadband will be wholly owned by Dr. Peng

Dr. Peng is ready

on November 6, Dr. Peng released the major asset purchase report recently approved by the board of directors. The company plans to purchase 50% of the equity of Great Wall broadband held by CITIC Network Co., Ltd. in cash, with an evaluation value of 690million yuan. Dr. Peng further pointed out that in combination with the good business integration prospects of the company and Great Wall Broadband in the future, the company plans to participate in public bidding or exercise the preemptive right at a price of no more than 750million yuan

according to relevant media reports, Dr. Peng has made long-term preparations for the transaction of 50% equity of Great Wall broadband held by CITIC network. Insiders pointed out that 50% of the assets of Great Wall broadband listed at a high price may not be contested, and the 712million yuan listed on the Beijing Equity Exchange is also in line with the company's previous announcement that it will not buy assets more than 750million yuan

delisting conditions include: because the target enterprise carries out Internet access services nationwide, the intended transferee should hold the business type of Internet access services business "the people's Republic of China value-added telecommunications business has been recruiting talent business license since the new year", and the business scope of this certificate is currently accumulated in no less than 15 cities in 3 provincial administrative regions. Due to the needs of CITIC Group's strategic development and subsequent arrangements, the intended transferee should be a legally existing limited company, unlisted joint stock limited company or a joint stock limited company listed in the people's Republic of China that does not have a foreign capital background. The net assets of the company audited by the intended transferee in 2011 are not less than RMB 3billion, and the main business income for three consecutive years is not less than RMB 1billion. The registered capital is not less than RMB 1billion, and a credit certificate issued by a domestic bank indicating that the bank deposit of the intended transferee is not less than RMB 500million at any time during the listing announcement period is required. Dr. Peng meets the above requirements

growth recognized

Changkuan company was established in April 2000 with a registered capital of 900million yuan. It is a state-owned holding enterprise. The licensed business items of the company include: Internet information service business (call center business in the second category of value-added telecommunications business) (the value-added telecommunications business operation license is valid until May 3, 2016)

from the perspective of financial data, the operating conditions of Great Wall Broadband in recent years are really gratifying. In 2010, 2011 and the first August of 2012, the net profits of Great Wall broadband were 10.4122 million yuan, 126.9428 million yuan and 164.2272 million yuan respectively. Dr. Peng pointed out in his announcement that the net profit of Great Wall Broadband in 2011 increased significantly by 12 times compared with that in 2010, mainly because of the rapid increase in users of Great Wall broadband and the continuous increase in users this month, which further increased the company's profits

however, compared with the rapid growth of net profit, the liabilities of Great Wall broadband are also increasing day by day. According to public information, the total assets of Great Wall Broadband in 2011 were 2893.4865 million yuan, the total negative assets were 303.15539 million yuan, and the owner's equity was -119.6674 million yuan. As of August 31, 2012, the total assets of Great Wall broadband reached 2.72 billion yuan, while the total liabilities reached 2.834 billion yuan

for the financial data, the relevant person in charge of Great Wall broadband said that the data on the financial statements can not fully reflect the value of Great Wall broadband, and the net assets of Great Wall broadband is the result of the adjustment of the financial data

Dr. Peng's announcement also showed that due to the non-standard accounting of current accounts of Great Wall Broadband in previous years, Dr. Peng corrected the accounting errors of Great Wall broadband before 2010 in April this year, reducing the net assets by 363million yuan at the end of 2010, resulting in the net assets at the end of 2010 from 177 million yuan to -186 million yuan

according to the Research Report of Guosen Securities, the number of payment users of Great Wall Broadband in 2012 was about 3.5 million, plus the company's own 1.2 million users, and the number of payment users throughout the year was expected to be 4.7 million. Undoubtedly, Dr. Peng will be the largest fixed broadband operator after the three major operators, which also consolidated the company's position as the first multi service telecom value-added service provider of domestic private enterprises

the scale effect of Great Wall broadband of Jiangsu Jinfa science and technology new materials 5. Ceramic tile adhesive bonding strength experiment (jc/t547 ⑴ 994 ceramic tile adhesive) Co., Ltd., invested by Jinfa science and technology group, is becoming more and more obvious. The industry generally believes that its early investment has gradually entered the harvest period, and the profit margin in the number of users will steadily increase year by year. It is conservatively expected that Dr. Peng's profit margin in 2013 will be 8.9%

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