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Zhongcai Futures: polyester production and sales fell back, PTA returned to weakness

as PTA was sent to the upstream of the oil delivery valve through the oil pipeline of the oil pump, the sales situation of the polyester industry began to decline significantly, and the PTA price trend returned to the fundamentals for low-level weak shock consolidation. PTA fluctuated violently on Wednesday, and ta905, the main contract, rose slightly in late trading, holding the increase. The trading volume was 309954 hands, and the daily contraction was 81578 hands, or 26.3%; The position was 116186, with daily position reduction of 9482 or 7.55%

pta spot internal and external markets continued to decline at the same time. The seller's offer in East China internal market fell to the level of 5300 yuan/ton, the buyer's low-cost inquiries increased, and the mainstream negotiation price between the two sides fell by yuan, concentrated between yuan/ton, but the actual transaction was not much. There was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the outer market. The mainstream negotiation price fell by $25 to $per ton, the downstream polyester factory procurement decreased, and the market transaction was light

in the early stage, due to the tightening of PTA spot supply, PTA has seen a wave of stable rising market, but recently the downstream polyester industry has no strong intention to follow the market, and the price reduction news in the chip and polyester market has begun to gradually reflect. Most polyester factories in Xiaoshao Market Quote yuan/ton in cash or accepted in March, and the actual negotiation can print out the required products locally, mostly in yuan/ton in cash or accepted in March. In terms of polyester filament, the market wait-and-see mood has increased. Considering the sales situation, some factories have already made a profit sharing and promotion action of one or two hundred yuan/ton when actually selling. The poy150/48 direct spinning factory in Xiaoshao area reported cash at yuan/ton, including DTY and fdy150d cash mainstream, yuan/ton

from a fundamental point of view, as it is close to the end of the year, many polyester manufacturers begin to take a holiday in advance of the specific analysis of testing machine fixtures, and the pessimistic expectation of the PTA spot market in the future begins to gradually increase. The mainstream suppliers are also temporarily in a wait-and-see state, and the market trading is very cold, while the outer market is again in a period of cold trading, 4 At the same time, the slight rise in the spot price of PTA in the early stage has led to the recovery of PTA production income. Some PTA devices are planned to resume operation in the near future. The load rate of the devices has increased by 7% compared with the early stage, and the supply and demand have returned to the loose situation. Therefore, PTA will enter the weak consolidation pattern again, and only sell short during the day and reduce its position appropriately

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