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Zhongguancun Kejin was invited to participate in the 2021 China call center and enterprise communication conference to create a new ecosystem of intelligent services

on April 15, 2021, the 2021 China call center Enterprise Communication Expo China, hosted by CTI forum, a network community and portal in China's computer and communication field, was grandly held in Beijing. Since the conference was successfully held in 2001, it has been held for 19 times, It has become the largest call center and professional event in the field of corporate communications in the Asia Pacific region

the theme of this meeting is to jointly build an enterprise communication cloud ecosystem in the 5g era. Around enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture and other topics, it will show a variety of cutting-edge technologies, continue to promote the development of the information and communication technology industry, and timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development. Beijing Zhongguancun Kejin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongguancun Kejin) was invited to show the self-developed assisted intelligent interactive platform and jointly discuss the new development ecological chain of information and communication technology products in the future

Dezhu intelligent interaction platform

Dezhu intelligent interaction was invited to participate in 2021cti call center and enterprise communication conference, went deep into the sinking scene, and provided integrated, full stack intelligent voice, intelligent customer service system solutions, technology? Make marketing service simpler# Call center # AI

Dezhu intelligent interaction platform is an enterprise level full scene accurate intelligent interaction platform independently developed by Zhongguancun Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and built on the basis of AI, NLP, ASR and other technologies. According to the business attribute needs of different industries, it provides a variety of solutions such as intelligent services and intelligent operations, and has launched financial and new retail full stack industry ecological scene application services, providing global intelligent services integrating cloud call center, voice robot, chat robot, cloud customer service, cloud telemarketing, intelligent collection, etc., to help enterprises carry out the digital upgrading of service marketing

the cloud call center covers the omni channel ecological chain

based on CTI, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the Dezhu Intelligent Cloud call center integrates a variety of characteristic functions, such as smart pop-up screen, smart routing, smart voice IVR, transfer, call transfer work order, and semi-automatic impact testing machine, which meets different business scenarios such as pre-sales and after-sales, and provides integrated comprehensive information services for enterprises, Help enterprises quickly improve customer satisfaction and marketing efficiency

in addition, through cloud deployment, Dezhu Intelligent Cloud call center can quickly open accounts by self-service, without access to special equipment such as door-to-door installation, effectively saving the cost of enterprise hardware. At the same time, it covers pages, microblogs, apps, official account, applets and other omni-channel online sources, supports multi terminal access to the cloud call center platform, and gets rid of the shackles of traditional customer service seats that can only be settled in a corner. Distributed deployment can realize the integration of various business resources, and enable enterprises to fully realize cloud operation and arbitrary layout

know robot builds a new driving force for intelligent services

know voice robot is developed by intelligent in-depth cooperation with the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Based on AI, NLP and other technologies, it has the functions of automatic outbound call, intelligent response, multi round voice interaction and so on. Know that robots are divided into outbound robots and inbound robots. Outbound robots can effectively reduce the cost of manual outbound calls through batch outbound calls, predictive outbound calls, automatic re calls, etc. At the same time, in the process of communicating with users, it can accurately identify the user's intention and have multiple rounds of dialogue with users to meet the diverse needs of users

know that the incoming robot can be real-time, and sometimes in order to reduce the weight, it also adopts aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metals to ensure that it is not missed, and can continuously maintain a high-quality service level. Changing the previous complicated push-button IVR navigation process, customers only need to say the purpose of the call by voice, which can lead to the specified business process, fast and convenient, and improve customer satisfaction. Know that the incoming robot has the ability of multiple rounds of dialogue, which can solve common customer problems independently, guide customers to complete problem consultation, handle business, etc. in the process of voice interaction, it can also support interruption, repetition, silence and other forms, and support keyword jump manual

in practical application, it is known that robots can reduce repetitive work by 80% and improve customer service satisfaction by more than 30%. While providing customers with faster and better services, it helps enterprises reduce human and material costs

through the man-machine coupling cooperation mode of cloud + machine + human, which integrates robot and cloud call center when reaching the peak e with the stretching curve, the manual customer service is liberated from simple and repeated work, and the personnel utilization rate is effectively improved. At the same time, through Dezhu intelligent work order and CRM system, we can realize internal unified management, divert service pressure, effectively improve the service system, provide full business service closed-loop, and improve the overall service level

the progress of new infrastructure such as 5g network, artificial intelligence and data center is accelerating. The upgrading of enterprise intelligence is the general trend. The call center will develop from the current service window to the data center and circulation center. Based on this, after several years of business precipitation, Dezhu intelligence provides cloud customer service, cloud sales and other solutions at the original call center level to help enterprises realize digital transformation

with the all-round deepening of the digital era, the future enterprise competition will be intelligence and technology first. Complementing the construction of intelligent services and data centers is the internal driving force for enterprises to meet the challenges. Dezhu intelligence will continue to follow the direction of the era of comprehensive intelligent development, continue to explore, and step into a new stage of digital development with many enterprises

Dezhu intelligent cooperative customer

Zhongguancun Kejin

Beijing Zhongguancun Kejin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongguancun Kejin) was established by Mr. Zhao Guoqing with the approval of Zhongguancun # hardness tester: the hardness village National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Leading Group Office, which is mainly used to detect the striking surface and top of steel hammer. It has obtained a total strategic investment of 3.5 billion yuan from well-known investors such as IDG capital, Everbright Holdings, CICC Jiazi, Fangyuan capital, and China Huarong. Zhongguancun Kejin takes technology to make life easier as its mission, aims to build an independent, open and win-win ecosystem, and is committed to becoming a world-class technology company serving retail and financial scenarios

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