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Fuji Xerox opens up new business opportunities for digital printing for Hongsheng color printing

there are dozens of large and small printing enterprises in China's packaging and printing industry base in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. How to obtain more business opportunities and achieve sustainable growth in the fierce market competition and homogeneous business has become a difficult problem for all packaging and printing enterprises. Hongsheng Color Printing Co., Ltd., which stands out among many packaging and printing enterprises, gives a good answer - differentiated management

Hongsheng color printing is mainly engaged in the printing of advertising albums, labels and bills. The company not only has advanced CTP, offset printing, 9-color belt UV rotary double paper path printing machines and rich afterloading equipment, but also has the independent research and development ability of management software, and can carry out process management of the production process

in recent years, with the development of the industry and the changing needs of customers, Hongsheng, which is growing rapidly, is also facing various challenges in enterprise development and business expansion. A large part of Hongsheng's business comes from large clothing and state-owned enterprises in Fujian. Xiaohongyi, general manager of Hongsheng color printing, said that due to the impact and influence of fake and shoddy products and non-standard channels on the market of domestic clothing and footwear enterprises in recent years, customers urgently need printing enterprises to make anti-counterfeit packaging or signs without increasing costs and changing existing production processes. At the same time, in order to improve the brand image, customers also put forward higher requirements for the accuracy and consistency of packaging and label colors

not only that, in order to strictly control the quality, we must ensure the accuracy of the content and sorting of variable information in the process of label production, and we will be fined by the customer for every mistake. Moreover, the delivery time required by customers is getting shorter and shorter. President Xiao added

on the one hand, the requirements of customers are becoming more and more demanding, on the other hand, the competition among peers also makes Hongsheng feel pressure. The printing enterprises in Fujian Province have serious product homogenization and increasingly day-to-day price competition, which makes it more difficult to make profits. President Xiao frankly said that how to realize differentiated management and develop high-value businesses has always been the direction of Hongsheng's exploration

according to the problems and specific needs faced by Hongsheng, Fuji Xerox has customized a color variable data label printing solution for it. The scheme is composed of Fuji Xerox color digital printing system igen4 and CGS color management system, which have the fastest single sheet printing speed, and customized the label production and management system to help Hongsheng successfully transform from the traditional label production mode to the production process of variable information digital printing

through the new color variable data digital printing solution, all the previous problems can be solved:

first, the excellent color output quality and intelligent color management process of Fuji Xerox color digital printing equipment igen4 can ensure the color accuracy and consistency comparable to offset printing

second, the unique tag code generated through variable data combined with the query system can really help enterprises solve the problem of anti-counterfeiting and anti usurpation

third, repeat the experiment after the simple inspection of data generation and printing, the fault disappears completely, and the automatic verification process is added in many links, such as brushing and after track, classification and packaging, so as to ensure the stability of the production process

fourth, because the igen4 computer availability control system is supported by the software system, high efficiency color variable data printing can be achieved with short preparation time and strong productivity. 300000 labels can be delivered in less than 3 days. 13. Axis goods are fully qualified for the printing requirements of peak customers and sudden orders

fifth, the first color label printing application in China has accelerated the circulation speed of all links in the process of goods listing and improved the brand image of the enterprise

in addition, President Xiao said that in the process of cooperation, Fuji Xerox's pre-sales and after-sales services have provided an effective guarantee for Hongsheng to expand its new business. Before purchasing, Fuji Xerox industry development team helped Hongsheng implement the new business development plan and assisted it in the development of key customers. After the equipment went online, it provided value-added services for Hongsheng from business, production, operation and other aspects, such as business development and production optimization, which greatly improved the competitiveness of Hongsheng. At the same time, the high-level service and good communication of Fuji Xerox after-sales service personnel have also become a strong guarantee for Hongsheng to continue to provide efficient and high-quality products and services to the market

differentiated solutions and high-quality services have expanded high-value businesses for Hongsheng, opened up new business opportunities, and more effectively avoided vicious competition in the industry. According to statistics, after adopting this solution, Hongsheng received more orders from high-quality garment enterprises in a short period of time. The overall business volume increased by 20% in just three months, and the collection rate increased significantly, thus ensuring the sustainable growth of business and a good collection rate

Hongsheng's success can not be attributed to its differentiated management. To achieve sustainable development based on the market, we must broaden our thinking and dare to explore. As a traditional printing enterprise, Hongsheng not only opened up new business opportunities for digital printing through color variable data printing solutions, but also strengthened its confidence in differentiated management! I believe that more printing enterprises will be able to create their own way of differentiated management. 2. Affirm the quality of hammer body and realize the sustainable development of enterprises

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