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Zhonghui Futures: Shanghai rubber may repeat 22000 in the short term. The front line can be built in the middle line. Multiple orders

Japanese rubber Market: TOCOM rubber futures closed higher, but it was away from the five week high reached earlier. A Tokyo trader said that the weak yen and strong energy prices encouraged buyers, and the news of floods caused by heavy rains in Thailand and Malaysia added further support. The market may test the resistance level of 300 yen in the next few days. The benchmark RSS3 contract closed up 2.9 yen to 297 yen per kilogram in May

today, the Shanghai rubber market continued the horizontal weak adjustment trend, and the high point in the early stage of the Japanese rubber test. Without the cooperation of surrounding markets, Shanghai rubber is also difficult to start up in the short term. Ru0803, the main contract of Shanghai rubber market, opened at 22620. At the beginning of the trading, it was driven by the slight rise of Japanese rubber market, but the market was not prosperous, and the domestic industrial products market fell back, and it rebounded slightly at the end of the trading. The highest intraday price was 22740 and the lowest was 22375. The futures price closed at 22545, down 25 points from the closing of the previous day, with 177622 transactions, and the proportion of 35 positions increased by 28. Japanese rubber is expected to continue to test the important resistance level of 300 yen, and the weak pattern of the domestic market will not change. In addition, Shanghai rubber has closed negative for five consecutive trading days since its breakthrough last Monday. The upward pressure is obvious. When necessary, we often use Vicat heat resistance and Martin heat resistance and thermal deformation temperature test methods to test the heat resistance of plastics to digest. In the short term, there may still be repetition. When we encounter a fall in operation, we can buy a small amount, and back on the 22000 front line, we can build more orders in the middle line

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