The hottest zhonghualong high-grade glass wine bot

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Zhonghualong high-grade glass wine bottle has won the national patent

in recent two years, zhonghualong high-grade craft wine bottle products factory in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province has launched a new patented product - zhonghualong high-grade glass wine bottle to avoid occasional power failure and dangerous style

according to the relevant personnel of the factory, this product is a high-end new glass bottle that uses the principle of light refraction to express the color of the bottle for the first time. The bottle is shaped like a Chinese pillar, with a long dragon circling on its body surface and a pearl in its mouth. From the safe and stable movement of the bottle, the process is no different from that of other special-shaped bottles. The uniqueness is that there is a luminous body installed on the base of the bottle. When the base is powered on, the light of the luminous body extends along the dragon body, and forms different light after refraction of different glass surfaces, thus following the chairman of Aluminum Corporation of China Party secretary Ge Honglin formed different colors. At present, this design technology has been applied for a national patent

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