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Zhongfa series low-voltage switchgear has won the national quality trusted product

a few days ago, It is very necessary for China Electrical Appliance Industry Association to formulate different protection and maintenance plans for gcki series low-voltage withdrawable complete sets developed by China National Development Electric (Group) Co., Ltd "If the express packaging bag and adhesive tape are made of biodegradable plastic, the issuance of a quality credible product promotion certificate marks that the quality of the gcki series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear of China Development Group has reached the leading position in the domestic industry, entered the ranks of China's low-voltage electrical equipment quality credible products, and once again won the trust and recognition of the industry and consumers.

this is the fact that the series of products of China Development Group obtained the Chinese famous brand products and Shanghai quality in 2006 The Bureau of quality and technical supervision reviewed and recognized that it has reached the national cutting body tree inspection reputation; The products are exposed to the international advanced level on a large scale, and it is another honor after passing the certification of "adopting the international standard product mark from the domestic perspective"

over the years, China Development Group has continuously increased its investment in scientific and technological research and development, and has made remarkable achievements in independent development and innovation. It has always been in the leading position in China in the fields of ultra-high voltage, high and low voltage complete sets of devices, industrial/power automation control systems, high and low voltage electrical components, etc

Zhongfa gcki series low-voltage withdrawable switchgear stands out among many domestic reporting units with its technical advantages of advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent performance. After the final review of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, it has won the title of China's low-voltage electrical appliance quality trusted product, and has been included in the "national low-voltage electrical appliance China famous brand, quality trusted product manual"

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