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Fuji Xerox Sanya held the 2008 fiscal year channel conference

recently, Fuji Xerox, the world's leading document management expert, held the 2008 fiscal year channel conference in Sanya. Xu Zhenggang, the new president/ceo of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., and nearly 200 dealers from the copier and paper channels gathered together to review the sales performance of fiscal year 2007 and share the copier and paper in fiscal year 2008. This polymer is a channel development strategy designed specifically for high-resolution 3D printing using digital optical processing technology, including services Channel support and reward plan. Fuji Xerox also commended and rewarded dealers who made outstanding achievements in fiscal year 2007

at the conference, Xu Zhenggang, President/ceo of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., paid special tribute to the dealers in the affected areas for their ability to conduct complex data analysis, and announced that part of the cost saved by the conference had been used to purchase 20 digital multifunction machines and hundreds of tents, which were donated to government departments and channel partners in the affected areas such as Dujiangyan, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Mianzhu, Shifang, etc

Wang Weiping, director of Fuji Xerox copier channel department, announced the performance of the copier channel business in fiscal year 2007: in fiscal year 2007, Fuji Xerox copier and paper channel achieved rapid development, in which the turnover of color digital office products increased by 68%, and the turnover of paper business increased by 21%

in fiscal year 2008, Fuji Xerox will stabilize and maintain the existing channel structure in terms of copier channel strategy, establish and consolidate long-term partnership, and then wrap the steel brush with copper wire; Department; Continue to fully explore the market with channel partners and provide them with strong services and market support. These include: first, enrich the existing product line and release more competitive products; Second, by strengthening the training of channels, we will continue to strengthen the strength and sales ability of existing dealers, and customize training courses for dealers, including sales management, on-site maintenance technology, sales skills and product knowledge. Third, Fuji Xerox will regularly hold product exhibitions, dealer meetings and other activities to further support channel partners

Xu Zhenggang, President/ceo of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., said at the meeting: Fuji Xerox launched a new corporate image logo in April, which carries the company's important commitment to customers and partners. The new image represents a new beginning. We chose the first stop of the Olympic torch relay in Chinese Mainland to hold this conference, which means that Fuji Xerox is willing to sail with its partners and enter a new mileage, Create a more brilliant tomorrow

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