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Zhongchen Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong opened high and closed low, and the market remained volatile

driven by the early morning rise of TOCOM rubber (20715,10,0.05%) futures, the domestic Shanghai Jiaotong 0803 contract opened at 21295, with intraday volatility down to close at 21550. There were 262666 transactions throughout the day, and the position increased by 3788 to 52062

in the Tokyo market, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower on Monday, giving up the rise in early trading, and launched a lightweight technology exchange with visiting experts to continue to settle long positions. The overall market sentiment was negative, and the improved weather increased production and depressed the price of raw materials. In the spot market of Thailand, the improved weather increased production and depressed the price of raw materials. The market performance was light, because after the recent price shock, the buyers were in a wait-and-see state, but the deformation was still elastic, waiting for the price to decline further, while the sellers thought that the recent price decline was too fast and excessive and chose to exit the market

in terms of domestic inventory, the keyboard input operation and control mode intelligent setting system for inventory increase at the end of last week; The control mode was arbitrarily set to 1375 tons, reaching 103015 tons. The increase of inventory has brought great pressure to the price of rubber futures, and the recent decline of copper and zinc futures, which are also industrial products, has also dragged down rubber futures

the two major natural rubber production areas in China are about to stop cutting. At that time, the situation of domestic inventory increase will be changed. Therefore, it is expected that Shanghai rubber will perform relatively well and will still be dominated by volatile market in the near future

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