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Heavy! Zhonghua cloud store 3.0 was officially launched, and the owner of the garage was even stronger

heavy! Zhonghua cloud store 3.0 was officially launched, and the owner of the garage was even stronger

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the modulus of elasticity was small

now, the owner of the garage is suffering a lot, the industry giants are accelerating the opening of Direct stores, the Internet giants are spending a lot of money to seize the market, and the overwhelming special price advertisements have stirred the owner's eyes, and the store owner Alexander. Even the normally tall 4S stores have put down their posture and offered a maintenance package of several hundred yuan, called "live"... In the face of an increasingly transparent market, they are increasingly picky about the owners of computers after handling them. The old routine does not work, and the key is to change their thinking

was born to empower stores. On October 10, Zhonghua cloud store 3.0 system was officially launched, opening a new era of cloud store development

on the basis of covering all functions in version 2.0, the new version of the system adds practical functions customized for terminals, such as full project management, data analysis and application, test report push, bill one click printing, voice search, customer grouping management and electronic health records. At the same time, the convenience of operation has been greatly improved compared with the previous version. We implement it from two dimensions: process and new technology

1. Full project management

Zhonghua cloud store 3.0 system is no longer a simple statistical tool for Chinese product sales. It has begun to become a management platform for all business projects of terminal stores, which is the most critical improvement point. At the same time, the collection and analysis of user data has also been greatly expanded. Based on this, terminal stores can control data, extract applications at any time, improve data application capabilities, and help increase output value

2. Data analysis and application

data collection is very convenient. You don't need to take out a pen and paper to record the license plate number. Just aim at the license plate of the door car and scan it. All the data are completely mastered, such as the level of membership when the test piece is under pressure, the model, the last maintenance mileage, the original maintenance suggestions, etc. It is important to mention that the intelligent reminder function of Zhonghua car maintenance assistant will do intelligent analysis of composite polyurethane adhesive as a high-end adhesive in the background, which is meticulous, including the insurance expiration time of the car, the last maintenance oil, the previous maintenance test records, etc

3. Push the test report

push the test results of the user's car with one click, so that the owner can feel more at ease and trust your professionalism, which is convenient for maintaining the relationship later

4. One click printing of bills

the new version of the software provides a one click printing function. The owner of the cloud store only needs to link the Bluetooth printer to provide consumption vouchers for car owners, giving car owners a more reassuring service experience. The Bluetooth printer is ready for you. Please contact your dealer to get it

5. Voice search

just call the owner's name, or read out the license plate number and number, and the car data will be called out immediately, which is very convenient

6. Customer grouping management

is no longer a simple Pinyin sort. Through this function, you can label customers, such as the Post-70s and post-80s generation, boys and girls, new and used cars, etc., so as to facilitate targeted marketing activities in the future and make full preparations for customer management and marketing

7. Electronic health records

are more conducive to mining the needs of customers' cars and establishing a housekeeper service system, so as to promote the market and meet customer needs

for the optimization and addition of functions, we only pay attention to practicality and firmly believe that what suits us is the best. Relying on the cloud store 3.0 system, China will create a comprehensive competitiveness growth plan suitable for its terminal partners

when the new system is launched, our operation team will provide a full range of services to help cloud stores better adapt to the new system. Any questions can be assisted by customer service through cloud store groups and groups

at the same time, we also set up the cloud store 3.0 experience Award. In the fourth quarter of 2019, we will reward the Chinese terminal partners who use yundian 3.0app to complete 10 valid orders with 5000 happy coins

with the launch of version 3.0, China has taken another solid step in promoting the comprehensive competitiveness of partners. Quoting president Wang, executive vice president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, "Zhonghua cloud store is no longer just a software, but a customized competitiveness improvement solution for terminal maintenance stores." Through the joint efforts of all Chinese people, we will be able to find our own way and win more consumer recognition

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