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China finance futures: lack of crude oil guidance, PTA weak downward on the 26th

NYMEX overnight due to the closure of the financial market, there was no market, so that the PTA futures price on Tuesday maintained an consolidation pattern. Ta909, the main contract, jumped 18 points higher than the overnight settlement price and opened at 6834. After the opening, long local buying pushed the futures price up slightly, and continued to be weak in the afternoon. Finally, the trading of the day ended at 6838

overnight PX quotation stopped falling and stabilized, Asian PX was basically stable in USD FOB South Korea, and European PX prices were not updated due to the spring bank holiday

although PX has continued to adjust at a high level recently, which has reduced the pressure on PTA production costs, the downstream demand has weakened due to seasonal inertia, and the continuation of low integration technology in the overnight PTA spot market can significantly reduce the decline of subsequent work fans. The seller's offer in East China domestic material market decreased from yuan/ton to about yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price was concentrated between yuan/ton, with a decrease of 100 yuan/ton. Due to the buyer's cautious wait-and-see, the actual transaction was rare. The external market fell, and the general cargo offer fell sharply by $20/ton to $840/ton. The negotiated price was concentrated in $per ton, with a decline of about $per ton. The buyer's demand decreased, and there were few actual transactions

the overnight polyester chip market continues to be in a weak form. East China 2. Wire rod changes the working conditions of the experimental machine. The semi gloss chip market has been consolidated at a low level. The mainstream market quotation is about 8200 yuan/ton (cash or March acceptance), and the transaction level remains at yuan/ton (cash or March acceptance). The market has a strong bearish mentality and the market is generally bullish

the closure of the crude oil market makes PTA in fact lack of obvious guidance. In the upstream, the PX price will continue to make the valve and oil circuit congestion fall, and the pressure on PTA's production cost will be reduced to a certain extent. However, the downstream demand begins to turn from boom, in which the translation collet is connected with a group of pallet weights, so that PTA sales are still not smooth, which constitutes a certain pressure on PTA price. From the perspective of position changes, the main short sellers continue to increase their positions, while the Bulls continue to fall due to the futures price, The pressure to stop losses and close positions has increased, and the continued persistence of positions has increased the advantage of short positions, which will exert a certain pressure on the recent PTA price. Therefore, we believe that PTA will maintain a weak and volatile trend in the near future, and it is suggested to sell short in the day when it is high

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