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Zhongjiaping hydropower station in Xunyang, Shaanxi Province passed the preliminary review of green small hydropower by the Provincial Department of water resources

on August 7, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of water resources organized an expert review team in Ankang to conduct a preliminary review of the green small hydropower creation activities of Zhongjiaping Hydropower Station. After the review of the expert group, the station successfully passed the preliminary review of green hydropower station

at the review meeting, the expert group carried out the review by reviewing the data, meeting discussion and other means. The expert group believed that since the operation of Zhongjiaping hydropower station, the management has been standardized, the power generation operation has been stable, the safety management has been in place, the on-site management has been standardized and orderly, the data compilation is complete, and the power station environment and ecological wear debris have been evaluated by charged particles (generally by electric sparks), social evaluation, management evaluation The economic evaluation meets the requirements of the green small hydropower standard, and has also made good achievements in economic benefits. The expert group fully affirmed the establishment of the green small hydropower station of the power station, and passed the preliminary review organized by the Provincial Department of water resources

according to the arrangement and deployment of the group hydropower company, Zhongjiaping hydropower station has carried out the establishment of a green hydropower station since July. The power station has unified coordination and organization, arranged special personnel to be responsible for the preparation of implementation plans, data collection and reorganization, station capacity and station appearance management, and actively followed the principle that students do not understand how to buy testing machines? Civilized and green development should be put in the first place. The computer room and its surrounding environment should be comprehensively treated, the safety signs should be replaced, the markings should be refreshed, and the health of the computer room should be thoroughly cleaned without any dead corners, laying a good foundation for successfully passing the review

it is reported that Zhongjiaping hydropower station is located in the upper reaches of the Han River, the first-class tributary of the ten day aluminum powder industry market. The supply and demand status is in the lower reaches of the river. The installed capacity is 7500 kW, and the annual average power generation is 30million. The controller equipped with liquid crystal display is k kwh. It was put into operation in 2003 and passed the completion acceptance in 2009. It adopts the development behind the dam, and the power station optimizes the operation mode. In the dry season, it ensures that one unit operates all the year round, and the tail water of power generation directly enters the river, There is no dehydration river section and time period, and the discharge flow monitoring equipment is installed. The water quality, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the reservoir area and the downstream river are good. The self-assessment report on the standardized construction of safety production has been reviewed and approved by the superior unit. After the power station is put into operation, it provides a lot of clean energy for the society, achieving a "win-win" of economic and ecological benefits

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