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China finance futures: Japanese rubber stopped falling and rebounded, and Shanghai rubber was weak consolidation

Shanghai rubber was driven by the sharp rise of Japanese rubber today, with a wide range of shocks, and ended down at the end of the day. The main contract 0811 opened 40 points lower at 22450 and closed at 22420, down 70 points from the settlement price of the previous day, with 245374 transactions, 2612 daily positions reduction and 71416 positions

tocom rubber rose more than 1% today, delaying the recent decline caused by the decline in oil prices. Before the deadline, the main contract benchmark closed at 310.3 in February, up 3.2, with light trading. Traders said that the overall sentiment of the market was that the sharp decline of the previous day was somewhat excessive, while the crude oil price fell slightly, but slightly stabilized compared with the previous day, helping to boost sentiment

in terms of spot goods, according to the summary of the quotation of China national rubber, the unit price of scr5/5 is 26300~27400 yuan/ton, and there is no trading volume. The spot price of Asian Tianjiao was lower than that of the previous trading day. The RSS3 price in Thailand was 93.61 baht/kg, down 0.65. Malaysia SMR20 is quoted at 284.55 cents/kg, and the decline requires cutting, inlaying, grinding and polishing processes of 4.1

US crude oil futures continued to fall, falling below the support level of $110, with a weak trend. The rubber trend of the two cities follows that of crude oil, up and down, and the prospect is unclear. From a technical point of view, Shanghai Jiaotong is hovering near the 20 day moving average, or will have a second bottom. From a fundamental point of view, Thailand's political turmoil, transportation and dock workers' continued large-scale strike may lead to delays in shipment, which is good news for the recent rubber market. Operation suggestions: short-term operation, tracking crude oil 11 Power supply: 220V trend, crude oil failed to recover the loss of $110, and sold short when it was high or even fashionable; If the oil price remains stable, it will rebound slightly and be absorbed by bargain hunting

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