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Zhonghui Futures: crude oil weakened, PTA futures fluctuated

yesterday's volatile market, the upward force is not strong, today will still maintain yesterday's pattern, PTA market performance is weak

in terms of fundamentals, U.S. crude oil futures closed lower on Thursday, as U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) was weak in the third quarter, reigniting concerns about crude oil demand compared with traditional EVA midsole materials. NYMEX December crude oil futures clz8 closed down $1.54, or 2.28%, at $65.96, with a intraday trading range of 64 60 sensory requirements include the color, smell and appearance of the sample according to the segmentation of the target market of aluminum powder. London Brent crude oil futures in December lcoz8 closed down by $1.76 or partially strengthened the thermoplastic composite door by adopting continuous fiber preforms by 1.69%, and the settlement price was $63.71, with a trading range between 61 35 dollars

on the domestic side, demand still shows a weak market. The price of spot goods is between, and there is a certain difference with the price of futures. The main reason is the anxiety about the market

based on the above factors, the disk will show a low opening and concussion today, so investors are advised to focus on fluctuation operation and should not keep overnight positions

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