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Zhonghui Futures: international crude oil continues to fall, and PTA futures market fluctuates

from a fundamental point of view, international crude oil continues to fall, falling below $90. 5) variable measurement of metal material outer diameter, variable pitch and variable steel wire diameter (3 changes) suspension measurement of metal materials has achieved non molding processing, so commodity futures continue to be in a weak market; Domestically, the board of directors of Hualian holdings confirmed that Hualian Sanxin company, the largest PTA (purified terephthalic acid) manufacturer in China, has indeed stopped production recently. Yesterday, the listed company hualian Holdings (000036), which holds 26.436% of the equity of Hualian Sanxin, temporarily suspended its trading, saying that "Sanxin company has recently stopped production and discussed the reorganization of assets with poor anti-interference ability; the asset reorganization has great uncertainty and may have a great impact on the company's 2008 net profit." At the same time, the board of directors of Hualian Holdings said that Sanxin company had been required to make a detailed explanation on the operation of its PTA futures margin account and give a written reply, and the company would make a separate announcement according to the further verification results. It is also reported that banks with close capital business contacts with Hualian Sanxin called the local chemical fiber industry yesterday to try to verify the specific financial situation of the company as an important reference for whether to carry out the next step

on the disk, the PTA futures market did not continue yesterday's decline. Although the international crude oil fell sharply, it did not follow the decline. The main reason was the impact of domestic PTA enterprises, but it did not form a continuous upward trend. The bankruptcy and reorganization of the largest PTA production enterprise in China reduced the demand for upstream Px, so the price of PX also fell, which was reflected in the impact of the above factors on the disk, There was a sharp upward fluctuation in the opening, but there was still resistance in the upward direction, with intraday fluctuations. PTA spot price is between. From the perspective of capital, the strength of many parties is less and stronger, and the shadow line is longer on the K line

3) put the pen and paper on the automatic plotter. Based on the above analysis, investors are advised to focus on short-term operations in the short term and not to keep overnight positions; To continue to rise, we need to look at the startup of domestic PTA manufacturers and the trend of international crude oil

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