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Zhonghuan shares will participate in the investment and construction of photovoltaic power stations with an installed capacity of 7.5GW

Zhonghuan shares [0.000.00%] (002129, the previous closing price was 14.91 yuan) and the investment project finally surfaced. The company announced today that it will participate in the construction of a photovoltaic power station with an installed capacity of 7.5GW. It is noted that the scale of 7.5GW has surpassed all photovoltaic power stations under construction and proposed in the world, and can be called the world's largest. Central shares also resumed trading from the opening of the market on August 1

therefore, it can ensure the stable operation speed and obtain sufficient conditioning ratio. According to the announcement, the company signed the cooperation framework agreement on "Jiwa photovoltaic center project" with the Saihan district government of Hohhot. The company plans to build the Jiwa photovoltaic center project with the assistance of Saihan district government, and finally build a photovoltaic power station of no less than 7.5GW by 2017. Subsequently, the company signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with sunpowercorporation, Inner Mongolia electric power (Group) and Hohhot Jinqiao urban construction. The parties agree to establish a joint venture to implement the project. Among them, Zhonghuan shares plans to contribute 35% to 40%, which will become the leading major shareholder of the joint venture's export proportion to emerging countries

Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. said that the solar cell silicon chips used in the above projects give priority to the company's self-produced solar cell monocrystalline silicon chips, but at present, it is impossible to accurately calculate the number of 7.5GW power station purchasing company silicon chips, and it is impossible to accurately calculate the impact on the company's revenue and profits. After the establishment of the joint venture, the above photovoltaic power station project will be incorporated into local power under the coordination of Saihan district government and Inner Mongolia power (Group), and the relevant formalities are expected to be close to 150billion yuan

in fact, the largest photovoltaic power station to be built before is the photovoltaic project proposed to be built by leading solar energy in the United States in Ordos [8..70%], with a total power generation capacity of 2gw. However, due to the delay in determining the electricity price, the progress of the project is quite slow. In contrast, with the participation of Inner Mongolia electric power (Group), the Jiwa photovoltaic center project may be more successful. The products include: Jinan hydraulic universal testing machine we (5) 0We (1) 00 flat jaw, round jaw, jaw splint; We ⑶ 00, we ⑶ 00a, wew ⑶ 00 jaw splint, flat jaw, round jaw, ribbed steel jaw, lever support assembly, zigzag support, cold bending indenter; We (6) 00, we (6) 00a, wew (6) 00, jaw splint, flat jaw, round jaw, ribbed steel jaw, lever support assembly, zigzag support, cold bending indenter; We (1) 000, we (1) 000a, wew (1) 000 jaw clamp, pressing plate, flat jaw, round jaw, ribbed steel jaw, zigzag support assembly, cold bending head, etc; Piston, oil delivery valve, oil return valve, solenoid valve, manual distance gauge (dotting machine), steel strand fixture, concrete bending fixture, etc; Electronic universal testing machine (electronic tensile testing machine) has specific upper and lower clamps and sharp jaws. Zhonghua glass () Department

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