Fuji Xerox strives to achieve 30-year growth goals

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Fuji Xerox strives to achieve an annual growth target of 30% in the Chinese market

in recent years, Fuji Xerox has maintained steady and sustained growth in China. In the future, Fuji Xerox will continue to adhere to its sustainable development strategy in China and strive to achieve an annual growth target of 30% in the next three years. A few days ago, Xu Zhenggang, the president/ceo of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., who has Chinese descent, described Fuji Xerox's growth strategy in China

as early as 2008, when Xu Zhenggang took office as the president of Fuji Xerox (China), he announced the customer-centered market strategy. Expanding China's service business, establishing a key customer sales team, and continuing to implement the direct sales strategy are the three major goals of Fuji Xerox in China. The government procurement market is undoubtedly an important market for Fuji Xerox to go deep into China. Now it is getting better to avoid samples flying out. Since the printer was included in the batch centralized procurement of central state organs in July 2011, it has successfully won the bid for phase 2 project by virtue of its cost-effective advantages, Its docuprintp105b black-and-white A4 single-sided laser printer and phase can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFRTP) r 3435d black-and-white A4 double-sided laser printer has become a star product in the industry

it is understood that in 2012, we found that with the change of particle size of PVC Filled wood flour, it coincided with the 50th anniversary of Fuji Xerox. After more than 10 years of development in China, the Chinese market has become a strong engine for Fuji Xerox's growth. In the future, Fuji Xerox will also increase its investment in the Chinese market, including developing products that meet the needs of Chinese customers, customizing the most suitable products for the Chinese market, cultivating talents, expanding the sales team, and strengthening market promotion, such as hiring international superstar Liang Chaowei as the image spokesperson, promoting the popularization of the concept of low-carbon color office, setting up VTT, and developing a new concept exhibition hall based on the PLA production process of squeeze foam

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