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CIMC Lingyu liquid tank expands new market on April 28, 2017, a famous historical and cultural city in Northwest China, with high sky, light clouds and sunny weather, displayed colorful flags in an automobile logistics park, and rows of new dangerous chemical vehicles were neatly arranged. The batch delivery ceremony of CIMC Lingyu and Dongfeng Liuqi was under way, which attracted extensive attention of the local logistics industry, with more than 220 people participating in the event

the logistics group is the largest local transportation affiliated company, and the first batch of 10 liquid tank trucks will be purchased this time. Although the number is small, this area is a potential market for CIMC Lingyu, and CIMC Lingyu company attaches great importance to this batch of vehicles. From the early negotiation to the final delivery of the vehicle, which is mainly used to change the performance of various materials, it fully reflects the professionalism and dedication of CIMC as described above

in the formulation of the plan, from product design to configuration selection, we have fully combined the transportation situation and personalized needs of customers, and customized professional transportation solutions for customers, truly realizing high efficiency and high return. After receiving the vehicle, the customer sincerely said, "Lingyu tank car is the top-grade tank car I have seen."

at 10 a.m., the delivery ceremony officially began. First, the leaders of Liuqi company introduced the products of the tractor. Then, Zhou Yanan, commander of CIMC Lingyu northwest theater, introduced in detail the products of CIMC Lingyu company and liquid tanker, explained in detail the material selection, design, welding process, tank wrapping process, etc. of the vehicle, and answered the customer's questions on the spot

during the sample car tour, participants will come to the parking lot and 3D printing will benefit more and more people! Tasting the products, several industry veterans who had not used Lingyu tank car before also came to the scene. After seeing the structure and workmanship of Lingyu liquid tank car, they all spoke highly of it

this activity has caused great repercussions in the local area. It turned out that many non-standard vehicles are still in operation because the local transportation supervision is not yet perfect, but these products are bound to be replaced in the future, and the standardized and lightweight Lingyu liquid tank and CIMC Lingyu's good reputation must be the first choice of users

CIMC Lingyu expects local users to give them an omniscient service opportunity to prove once again that tank car experts deserve their reputation

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