Fuji Xerox LED printhead won the technology award

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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.: LED print head won the technology award

recently, the high-precision led print head developed by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. won the technology award of the Japan Imaging Association. Led print heads using adaptive light emitting diode imaging technology (SLED) have been used in a variety of Fuji Xerox color digital multifunction devices and color printers

the 1200dpi adaptive led print head developed by Fuji Xerox, combined with the accurate ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) driver chip, overcomes the disadvantages of the traditional LED print head and realizes the high-resolution printing effect. When the Japan Imaging Association awarded this honor, Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan assaying experimental machine factory analyzed the first highly recognized the contribution of Fuji Xerox led printheads in improving electronic imaging technology

about the award-winning Fuji Xerox led print head

Fuji Xerox led print head does not have a scanning optical system similar to a laser printing engine, and does not need a polygonal lens or motor to image, so it can reduce the size of printing equipment and reduce noise. However, the traditional LED print head has shortcomings in realizing high-quality images. Because it has a period of testing, there are countless luminous points according to the coherent standard, and the fluctuation of luminous quantity is easy to lead to the phenomenon of uneven color

in order to solve this problem, Fuji Xerox has developed 1200dpi high-resolution adaptive led imaging technology (SLED) and delcis technology, which can accurately control all LED light points through a high-performance ASIC chip. In addition, Fuji Xerox also uses a lens with unified optical characteristics to produce a LED print head (1200 x 2400 DPI) with simple structure and high resolution. While reducing the size of the print head, it is comparable to or even better than the imaging effect of the laser grating output scanning (ROS) system in terms of imaging

products using this led print head

Fuji Xerox first used LED print heads (apeosport-iii c4400, docucentre-iii c4400, apeosport-iii c3300/c2200, docucentre-iii c3300/c2200) in its six color digital multi-function devices released in November 2007. Then, the color printers DocuPrint c2255 and apeosport-iii c3305/c220 released in November 2008 immediately turned off the oil pump The color digital multifunction machine of oil delivery valve 5 also uses the LED print head one after another

compared with the traditional laser grating output scanning (ROS) system, Fuji Xerox led print head significantly reduces the volume and weight of the equipment, thereby increasing the paper output capacity (compared with the single track lifting mechanism), which is convenient to install binding equipment

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