The most amazing made in China needs more efforts

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"Great" made in China still needs to work harder

made in China continues to surprise people and often gains praise. Recently, the German hydraulic universal machine, which has always claimed to be the bearer of the industry, did not unload the Chinese people when loading, and also angrily praised the great made in China. According to the report of the German Journal of quality management, 54% of the respondents believe that China's manufacturing industry will surpass the innovation ability of German brands and German enterprises. Some even believe that China's economic development will bring challenges to Germany by 2025

over the years, made in China has become one of the most recognized labels in the world. Some twitter friends jokingly lamented that after God created the earth and heaven, everything else was made in China. In addition to the global marketing of clothing, shoes and hats, household appliances, toys, electronic products and other products, China has also shown explosive force in the field of high-end science and technology. The height of China created by Shenzhou Feitian, the depth of China achieved by Jiaolong diving into the sea, the speed of China's high-speed rail galloping out, and the accuracy of China's Beidou navigation measurement have all amazed the world. Looking back at the embarrassment that even matches and nails could not be produced in those years, today, China has achieved leapfrog development in terms of the completeness of industrial categories and the quality level of products

but while the progress is remarkable, the technology level is not high enough and the technical ability is not strong enough, which is still the first impression of most made in China. From rice milk powder to the toilet lid of rice cookers, Chinese tourists have been rushing to buy wherever they go. For example, the research and development of automotive engines, aircraft engines, high-end cameras, electronic components, high-end chips and other fields has always been our weakness, and has also made related industries at the low end of the industrial chain for a long time. It is estimated that the Chinese enterprises responsible for the assembly of an apple with a production cost of 178.96 US dollars earned only 6.50 US dollars. The embarrassment of reality reminds us all the time: in many fields, made in China still lags far behind the world-class level, and has not really achieved irreplaceable competitive advantage

on the whole, made in China has long won out with low prices and large output, but looking at the world, this volume development model is facing a two-way squeeze. On the one hand, developed countries in the post crisis era have re examined the real economy and have implemented Reindustrialization on a large scale. On the other hand, other developing countries have shown greater cost advantages in undertaking industries and capital transfer with a bid price nearly half lower. In contrast, with the upgrading of consumer demand at home, cheapness is no longer the only indicator for people to choose, as evidenced by the large number of overseas landing of consumption potential. It can be said that if made in China wants to make progress, it can't just stay in imitation and OEM. It must closely follow the market, strictly control quality and enhance innovation ability, do a good job in refining and strengthening, grasp the breakthrough of core technology, jump to the front of the industrial chain, and create a Chinese brand

it is not entirely a technical problem. Rentianbin, Professor of Materials Department of Tongji University, once explained the independent research and development of ball point pen refill. In fact, the same is true of the breakthrough made in China. Many times, the breakthrough of core technology lies not only in the technology itself, nor in the size of the market, but also in an attitude and spirit. The Phoenix Nirvana process of China's railway provides a useful reference for the breakthrough of made in China. In the past, there was no need to compete for every point, and it didn't matter from inch to inch. Now it is accurate to 0.01 mm. It used to be used. Now it is nearly 100 simulation calculations and experimental verification. Adhering to the quality consciousness of winning by excellence and the craftsman spirit of excellence, China's high-speed rail has become a global top student. Only by not hesitating, not making do with things, not being perfunctory, and by intensive cultivation, meticulous carving, and careful study can we truly improve the gold content and competitiveness of made in China

starting from the next stop, made in China has saved enough capital. 3. Insulation protection measures must be used to conserve enough momentum. Face up to the gap, concentrate on research, and work hard. Made in China will usher in a more beautiful spring, and there will be more great innovations. In fact, many testing machines have emerged in the East

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