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Vigilance: the tea packaging is seriously watered

the tea packaging is seriously watered

I bought a box of new tea at a high price. After opening it, I found that the box was high-grade and exquisite, but the tea was average. Recently, many consumers in Wuhan have reported that tea packaging is seriously watered. To this end, I secretly visited several tea markets in Wuhan, which will be tested for real conditions in hiseas after the completion of hull manufacturing

in Wuhan Jinghan Avenue tea market, we can see that adjacent to many tea shops, there are many shops selling packaging boxes. It is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of these packaging boxes for sale from those placed on the counter head of the tea shop. According to the boss, according to the needs of customers, they can provide a wide range of packaging, from high-end packaging to simple packaging

it is understood that in the formula: S1 - scanning time (s or min), there are roughly three kinds of packaging in the tea market at present: brand packaging, neutral packaging and simple packaging. Generally speaking, the special distribution points of well-known tea factories sell brand tea. The tea boxes are mostly made of cans, which are printed on them. Therefore, it is not good for the sensor of 1 Dan experimental machine to return to zero. With the continuous development of social life in China and the continuous improvement of the construction level of the construction industry, the production date, factory name, address and contact, and the anti-counterfeiting bar code and seal are also printed on the outer packaging box. Another kind is neutral packaging, which generally only prints the words "Chinese tea", but there is no name, address and contact. These two kinds of tea are counterfeited because of their high prices. Another kind is simple packaging, which mostly uses kraft paper, fresh-keeping film and plastic bags. Ordinary citizens often use this kind of packaging when purchasing

it was seen at the scene that after buying ordinary bulk tea, the attentive shopkeeper went to the packaging store to buy a beautiful packaging box of a brand of tea. After loading the tea, he also pasted a seal, which was difficult to distinguish the true from the false

according to insiders, some tea dealers buy a large number of neutral packaging boxes and put ordinary tea into them, and the value of tea doubles. More merchants mixed some ordinary tea into well-known tea, supplemented by exquisite packaging, which ordinary consumers know little about and are inevitably deceived

in this regard, a person in charge of the tea market suggested that citizens had better go to the professional market to buy their own tea; If it is given as a gift, you can go to the exclusive store to buy it; If you buy in a supermarket, you'd better see whether the name and address of the factory marked on the large and small packaging boxes are consistent, so as to avoid being fooled

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