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As we all know, as the first "pioneer" in the industry to pay attention to the relationship between coatings and double 11, 2019, we have counted the sales performance and ranking on the e-commerce platform on the day of double 11 since 2012. We have made statistics for three consecutive years, although it is very rough, the accuracy of the figures is not high, But fortunately, it also reminds partners in the paint industry: pay attention to e-commerce and learn about new retail

but since 2015, we have given up broadcasting the real-time results of various paint brands. On the one hand, all media friends also began to pay attention to and make statistics, so I don't need to work alone; On the other hand, the reason is that people pay less and less attention to paint e-commerce. Even on the 20th day, they went to the scene to investigate the double 11 in 19 years, and rarely see relevant information in the circle of friends; With the record breaking of 268.4 billion in tmall's double 11 this year, why is the gap between our coating industry and new e-commerce retail growing

originally thought that the retail properties of art coatings had a trend to surpass traditional coatings, but from the double 11 this year, almost all of the dumb fire coatings. It is no exaggeration to say that the combined sales of all art paint brands on e-commerce platforms are less than the sales of diatom mud of a lanshe brand. This is definitely not a natural disaster, but a "man-made disaster"

at present, the mainstream art coatings in the market are basically divided into two camps, one is to recommend cooperation for home decoration designers, and the other is to rely on offline store retail and community promotion. It is reasonable that the former model does not actively participate in the double 11 activities, but the latter model completely gives up online traffic and customer sources, which is a little ridiculous

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in this year, some "self-motivated" dealers often ask whether the investment of Toutiao, Baidu, tmall and will pay off? The reason is that these dealers have heard of dealer friends who make doors and windows, wooden doors, whole house customization and other categories. Many orders come from these channels. Even for the two brands of "Tata wooden door" and "liangmudao door and window", more than half of the orders come from online, and it can ensure that the online and offline prices are unified, no matter which channel source of customers can maintain consistency

the real new retail system, such as the eighth double 11 of Tata wooden door, achieved 842million sales in 2019, which is expected! Therefore, let alone paint, art paint dealers do not care about online customers, let alone can not get online customers, but the problem caused by the aging management of the brand headquarters

don't believe it. People who must be able to see this article can see if you have installed these in the app - today's headline, Tiktok, Kwai, live well, what's worth buying, little red book? Even if there is, it is not often opened. Emerging countries are also accelerating their opening-up and industrial structure adjustment plans, and there will be a high-level sense of disdain for installation and opening, standing at the top of the disdain chain. Was I right

these are currently mainstream new media and mainstream traffic portals. In the new retail field, whoever controls the online and offline traffic has the right to speak, and can obtain geometric multiple sales growth. Who despises these traffic entrances is just like the old financiers who were still using abacus in the 1990s and despised using computers! Unfortunately, the leaders of the paint industry and senior executives of marketing and sales are almost these old financiers. They always think that computers will make mistakes, which is not as reliable as manual bookkeeping. It is these people with high weight that hinder the development of the whole industry, making the paint category and new retail more and more marginalized, and losing a good opportunity to keep pace with the times

I have always believed that those who have not proposed a new driving mechanism to revolutionize the paint category are likely to be "Shangpin home accessories", "love space" and "Tuba rabbits"

however, it is not so completely pessimistic. Major Chinese and foreign brands such as nippon, Dulux, garberry, sankeshu, Chenyang and so on have not kept a low profile this year, and have invigorated the young teams that have actively won customers online and built from product sales to service-oriented, fully online "Refresh", "rejuvenate" and "live now". From the management level to the executive level, the overall rejuvenation has saved enough prospective users for dealers for several months, which is a huge progress

so what are you waiting for? Install these apps quickly and use them! Youth is not just age, but mentality. Otherwise, you will always envy the containers piled up at the door of the express box in the community after double 11 every year

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