The most angry dongmingzhu dropped a heavy bomb

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Angry, Dong Mingzhu dropped a heavy bomb

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since the annual "double 11" e-commerce shopping festival launched by tmall platform has become a shopping time for consumers, and China's 240million singles have long been forgotten by the shopping carnival. As long as it is around 12:00 p.m. on the 10th, all participants will join it. In order to get more and more preferential things in the shortest time, there are people who watch live broadcasts everywhere Borrowed from the Russian scientists who developed new biocompatible polymer materials and worked overtime to do their homework, the reason of the world has long been crazy by the temptation of shopping

when this is coming, Dong Mingzhu dropped a heavy bomb for this "double 11"

on the evening of November 9, on the eve of the upcoming double 11, Gree appliances released an announcement on the official Weibo, which is the "announcement on" 11.11 "to make a profit of 3 billion yuan to crack down on low-quality and shoddy products". This announcement Gree announced that it would hold its profit making activities in the double 11 event to give back products to consumers at the most favorable price. Among them, the minimum price of fixed frequency air conditioner is 1399 yuan, and the minimum price of variable frequency air conditioner is 1599 yuan. This large-scale profit transfer will be as high as 3billion yuan, which will only be held during the double 11, and the original price will be returned after the event

for this large-scale profit making activity, Gree explained that in order to avoid consumers from being hurt by low-quality and fake products, so that consumers can enjoy a high-quality life

for the products mentioned in the above announcement, the original price of the fixed frequency air conditioner with a minimum of 1399 yuan in Gree tmall store is 2699 yuan, and the original price of the variable frequency air conditioner with a minimum of 1599 yuan is 2999 yuan. This figure shows that Gree gives a discount of nearly 40% on the price of products

the release of this heavy consumption has made Midea, Haier, Hisense and other air conditioner manufacturers in the same industry unable to sit still

according to the profit making activity expressed by Gree Weibo, this activity will be carried out simultaneously on major e-commerce platforms and more than 30000 Gree stores under Gree. All prices are unified. The activity is limited to the double 11 period, and the original price will be restored after the event

after this announcement, Gree also said that this profit sharing activity is actually a "guard war" on the quality of the air conditioning industry. In order to enable consumers to enjoy a high-quality life, in the increasingly fierce competition in the air conditioning industry, it will clean up those manufacturers who are promoting the sale of low-quality and fake products that harm consumers in order to obtain high profits, but with "high cost performance" as the source

then, with Dong Mingzhu's large-scale profit making activities, all the industry was blown out, and other air-conditioning manufacturers took measures to fight back the price reduction. Moreover, Midea, Haier and others not only began to reduce prices, but also began to fight a war of words, secretly saying that the price reduction of Gree air conditioner was actually to clean up inventory

Midea air conditioner proposed "insurance action" during the event, emphasizing that it refused to stock the machine, indicating that air conditioners with a production date of more than one year or even half a year would not be sold, directly pointing to the high inventory of Gree air conditioners

then Hisense air conditioner also said that it would remind consumers not to buy low-energy old products that some brands want to eliminate

on November 10, as Haier air conditioner also began to join the "siege" of Gree, an announcement was issued to remind consumers to "identify the production date and reject the stock machine" when purchasing products. In the event, it is implied that the price reduction of some brands is actually to clean up the inventory of obsolete old products

the truth is often more complicated than people think. With the overall poor air conditioning market in the domestic market and the impact of high industry inventory, reports from the industry show that the inventory of household air conditioners in 2019 was as high as 48.62 million units, which shows the current poor air conditioning industry. Therefore, Gree launched this large-scale price reduction sales

especially since this year, Midea air conditioner has begun to use price reduction means and low-end machines to seize the market, achieving the first ranking of its online sales channel. Then, Gree has not responded to and followed up the struggle of Midea's price war. This "double 11" in order to ensure the sales of Gree air conditioner, it has started a large-scale price reduction sales, which also shows that Gree has also begun its thinking transformation route

some experts said that it is indeed the easiest way to attack gree with inventory machine in the struggle of price war, because Gree's inventory is actually the largest in the current industry, but not all the products in inventory are products of several years, because Gree's strong sales are there

in this year's report, experts said that the growth rate of Gree air conditioner is lower than that of other manufacturers, and the overall performance of the air conditioning industry this year is poor. With the release of new air conditioning energy efficiency standards by the state, Gree actually wants to sell its old products. If it can prepare for the upgrading of new products next year, it can go online immediately

according to the Research Report of Shenwan Hongyuan home appliance analyst, Gree's shipments continued to decline in the latter months of May, while Midea's air conditioning shipments led the industry. Haier, oaks and others were in a high growth state. Under this situation, Gree also began to reduce prices in order to ensure impulse

however, with the price reduction of Gree air conditioner, other manufacturers have followed the price reduction and promotion, while other competitors Midea, Haier, Hisense, oaks and so on are all reducing the price and promotion in order to resist the price reduction activities of Gree air conditioner

(image source: Gree flagship store)

on November 11, Gome announced the sales data of air conditioners as of 14:00 p.m., of which the sales volume of Gree air conditioners increased by 366% year-on-year, and the subscription increased by 350% year-on-year. In terms of brand comparison, Gree, Midea and Haier ranked among the top three in the sales volume list of air conditioners. Gome said that although today is Monday, there is still an endless stream of people coming to buy air conditioners. Some consumers even ask for leave to buy air conditioners. This large-scale activity of buying air conditioners has never appeared in the off-season because of the high temperature period last year. Although the activity is only one day, it is expected that more consumers will buy air conditioners in its stores in the afternoon and evening

as the leader of the air conditioning industry, the price reduction of Gree air conditioning has led the whole industry to follow up, but the revenue is ultimately consumers. Gree has made great efforts to reduce prices this time. Maybe there will be price reduction and promotion activities in the future. In the past few years, the price of Gree air conditioners has risen all the way, which also ensures Gree's high profits. In order to ensure the market volume, there is still room for price reduction

and according to pengpai, Gree Group is going through the transfer procedures of the 15% shares of Gree Electric Appliance with Hillhouse capital. After the transfer procedures are completed, Zhang Lei, the founder and CEO of Hillhouse capital, will meet with Dong Mingzhu to communicate the next development plan of Gree Electric appliance

on the evening of November 11, Gree Electric Appliances announced that Gree Group had written to the company that Zhuhai Mingjun and Gree Group were still continuing to negotiate in view of the matters not covered in the share transfer agreement, and both sides agreed to postpone the planned signing date of the share transfer agreement. The company will maintain close contact with Gree Group and perform the obligation of information disclosure in a timely manner in strict accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations according to the progress of relevant matters

although it is definitely about to enter, there are still things to be discussed. Both shareholders, shareholders and insiders are looking forward to the chemical changes after the entry of Hillhouse

this year's double 11 has disappeared. According to the statistics of Gree e-commerce and three-party platform e-commerce, on the day of this year's double 11, the sales of all products of Gree appliances exceeded 4.1 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 200%. The sales of third-party platforms for air conditioning reached 3.64 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 178%. In the industry, the total sales ranked first. It is worth noting that on the day of "double 11", Gree took only 15 seconds, The sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan, and it took only 21 minutes and 36 seconds for the sales volume to exceed 1 billion yuan, becoming the first in the air conditioning category of tmall's double 11 platform. It also achieved the sixth consecutive title of gree in the air conditioning products of tmall platform, which also reflects the strength of Gree's price reduction to attract a large number of customers to buy

but before announcing the full day sales, at 8:00 p.m. on the 11th, Gree Electric again announced that the "Junyue" and "t Shuang" series products bought by Gree since this year will be able to apply for subsidies with valid purchase certificates and carry out large-scale profit transfer activities again

as the leader of the air conditioning industry, Gree relies on its main business in business, and manufacturers in the same industry are diversified, whether Midea or Haier. This business strategy may now be changed for Gree

although this is a public axiom, it is reasonable for Gree to say that granny is right, but since this year, Gree's revenue and profits have begun to decline precipitously. On the one hand, it is related to the ceiling of the air conditioning industry, on the other hand, there is the suspicion of overdraft future performance in 2018. Now, affected by the industry, it is unrealistic for Gree to rely solely on the main air conditioning industry to support high-speed and stable development in the future

now with the entry of Hillhouse capital, many people want to know whether Dong Mingzhu can continue to be in power after the entry of Hillhouse. Although in recent years, under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, Gree has a satisfactory answer sheet for shareholders every year, judging from the annual dividend pattern of the last three years, I don't know whether Hillhouse can tolerate Dong Mingzhu's one-man management mode

we still don't know what answer will be reached with Dong Mingzhu when Hillhouse is about to settle down. Whether Hillhouse will be involved in Gree's corporate governance and how Dong Mingzhu is relatively unknown

nowadays, Dong Mingzhu has become the spokesperson of Gree. Many people regard Dong Mingzhu as the intangible assets of Gree appliances to invest. If she leaves Gree, she will take away a lot of intangible assets and traffic

on the 12th, due to the stock price fluctuation caused by the large-scale price reduction of Gree, many securities companies are still optimistic about the company for a long time, because the air conditioning industry may face a new round of reshuffle. Although Gree's revenue this year is not very good, the decline in profits has won the industry share, laying the foundation for Gree's pursuit of profits in the future

let's wait and see where Gree will go in the future

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