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WOW! On the morning of August 12, at the junction of Sichuan and Guizhou provinces and at the construction site of the Chishui River Super Large Bridge of the Gulin Xishui expressway, a scene of unmanned aerial vehicles flying, more seriously, crossing the Chishui needle and guide line, was staged

this is the third bridge built by Sichuan Expressway on the Chishui River, with the largest scale. It connects Gulin in Sichuan in the West and Xishui in Guizhou in the East. It crosses the natural danger of Chishui and tightly strangles the throat of Sichuan and Guizhou

the bridge has a total length of 2009 meters, a main span of 1200 meters, and a main tower height of 243.5 meters, which is equivalent to 80 multi-storey high-rise buildings. It is the canyon bridge with the highest tower in the same type of steel truss girder suspension bridge in mountain areas in the world, and it is the key portal for the construction of Sichuan south channel in Sichuan Province

on site

the UAV pulled a 2000 meter rope and flew over the Chishui River in 9 minutes

the suspension bridge had no piers in the river, but built two main pier pylons and two anchorages on both banks

the two main towers of Chishui River Bridge stand on the Bank of Sichuan and Guizhou respectively, surrounded by karst valleys, which are as magnificent as a picture. Sichuan bank is located in Taiping Town, Gulin County, and Guizhou bank is located in Xijiu Town, Xishui County

the bridge was invested and constructed by Sichuan Road and bridge group and started construction in the first half of 2017. At the end of June 2018, the cable tower of the main pier on both sides of the Strait, which is more than 200 meters high, was successfully capped

as a support and force, the bridge deck will be pulled up by suspension cables. On the morning of August 12, Chishui River Bridge implemented the pilot rope to cross the river. The traction of this first rope is very important

this time, the pilot cable adopts Korean wire with high strength and toughness, with a diameter of 2mm and a length of 2000 meters, and is carried by a GPS self-control navigation UAV. Take off the aircraft adopts the integrated design of motor 1. As soon as the command is issued, the pilot controls the UAV to take off from the 243.5-meter-high tower top on the Guizhou bank, fly over the 1200 meter Chishui River Canyon, and reach the 228.5-meter-high main tower top on the Sichuan bank about 9 minutes later, connecting the cable towers of the main piers on both sides of the Chishui River Bridge

the successful crossing of the river by the piloted cable of UAV indicates that the construction of Chishui River Bridge has officially changed from the lower construction to the upper construction, and the bridge construction has ushered in new important progress

the subsequent

embroidered Kungfu built the access road for one and a half months and erected the main cable

the client of Chengdu Business Daily learned that after the pilot cable crossed the river, the catwalk (temporary construction access road of suspension bridge), the main cable, the steel truss beam and the closure will be erected in turn

even the construction of construction roads should be embroidered, which cannot be achieved overnight. Based on the pilot cable of this traction, the main traction system of catwalk should be formed by reciprocating traction and changing from small to large in turn. Then erect the catwalk bearing rope, adjust and install other auxiliary facilities. Finally, install the catwalk

after the catwalk is erected, the main cable strand is erected, and the single line reciprocating traction system is converted to the double line reciprocating traction system. 338 main cable strands will last for one and a half months, and will be pulled from the Guizhou bank to the Sichuan bank through the left and right catwalks. Finally, two huge main cables will be formed as one of the main load-bearing systems of the steel truss girder of the main bridge of Chishui River Bridge

after the main cable is erected, it will continue to be implemented, and cannot meet the requirements of high-precision measurement, steel truss girder hoisting and closure. The total weight of 81 steel truss beams has decreased, and the production cost has reached more than 13700 tons, and the maximum weight of one piece can reach 255 tons. It will be hoisted to the predetermined position of the main cable through the cable hoisting system, and finally realize the closure of the whole bridge


the newly added southbound access to Sichuan to speed up the opening up

Chishui River Bridge is a key control project of Gulin Xishui expressway, and its construction progress is directly related to the completion and opening of the expressway

after the completion of the expressway, it will further improve the regional road, effectively reduce the regional logistics cost, strengthen the economic ties of southern Sichuan, Northern Guizhou, Western Chongqing and other places, deepen the regional division of labor and cooperation, and promote the development of regional economy

more importantly, the addition of a new southbound channel out of Sichuan in Sichuan will promote the formation and improvement of the Pearl River Delta and Beibu Gulf sea corridor in Chengdu, Guizhou (Chongqing), strengthen the economic ties between Sichuan and ASEAN, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and accelerate the pace of Sichuan's opening to the outside world

the Chishui River Bridge is located in the Wumeng Mountain area at the junction of Sichuan and Guizhou and the old revolutionary base area where the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army crossed Chishui four times. After the completion of the expressway, it will effectively stimulate the red tourism poverty alleviation industry and inject a strong impetus into the smooth promotion of the deep poverty alleviation work in Wumeng mountainous areas

original title: Spectacular! UAV "threading the needle" for bridge repair

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