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The long-term vision and cloud chasing journey of zhanboluo

accelerating innovation while improving operational efficiency has always been the main goal of zhanboluo. Like many other enterprises, zhanboluo hopes to rely on Cloud Architecture to achieve these goals. Zhanboluo's cloud chasing journey can be traced back to 2010. Now, zhanboluo manages a multi cloud environment composed of leading public cloud services and first-class private cloud services

business challenges faced

it has always been a complex task to determine which applications and services will be migrated to the cloud and which will remain in the private data center, but this task can provide clear business value, as evidenced by Zhanbo's technological innovation and reduced operating costs

zhanboluo's journey to the cloud starts with which applications should be migrated to the cloud, first the helpdesk platform, and then the e-mail and collaboration platform. However, after the initial success, the progress has slowed down. In order to promote this process, the IT team of zhanboluo decided to adopt a new method to examine the cloud chasing journey. The IT head of zhanboluo didn't ask why cloud is used, But why not use cloud

serge ovchinnikov, it architect of zhanboluo, said: the problem of changing the rules of the game is why not use the cloud, It allows us to better understand whether there are any special needs. Let's keep an application in the company rather than migrate it to the cloud

guided by the principle of why not use the cloud, zhanboluo evaluated the cloud and services based on a framework that determines the strategic business value, cost, security and whether there is a suitable cloud provider for migration to the cloud. Juniper has migrated its business critical back-end applications to the cloud. The reason why the development of JUNOS operating system of zhanboluo is kept in the company's own data center is that the close connection between software and hardware development can improve efficiency

Tony tran, it network architect of zhanboluo, pointed out that during the test of real-time workload migration between data centers, we migrated our intellectual property rights from Sunnyvale to Quincy, but the application was not interrupted

comprehensive solutions

use public cloud services. Zhanboluo uses cloud services in many forms, including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PAAS) and infrastructure as a service (IAAs). Juniper uses Microsoft Office 365 to provide e-mail services and collaboration, salesforce to manage sales opportunities, servicenow to provide helpdesk help platform, coupa for procurement, and concur to track travel expenses. In addition, sap is used for account management, while T-Systems is responsible for sales orders and invoices

Zhanbo road uses Amazon Web services (AWS) to develop various background applications of the company. AWS is also used to quote for all applications, Zhanbo's partners, and Zhanbo SRX is used to check whether the software calibration or calibration function is used before problems occur; Series of business related IDP signature updates, license management, software downloads, and many other systems provide single sign on services

build a data center defined by software. Data center integration and public cloud services have created great business value, but owning private cloud is also crucial for the development of JUNOS OS, which is the core of zhanboluo innovation and the banner of industry-leading position. In order to support the creation of a new engineering environment, jumbo relocated its U.S. engineering data center from Sunnyvale, California, to a Co located facility in Quincy, eastern Washington. Zhanboluo applies its leading technology to software defined data centers, which has become a key pillar of engineering innovation

Neil overmon, director of juniper infrastructure, said: by using our own products, we strive to create a slingshot effect in the engineering design process and create suitable products and solutions for customers in a more cloud friendly way

The data center is designed to run heterogeneous workloads physical, virtual, and container workloads. Through JUNOS fusion of zhanboluo, it provides a scalable switching matrix for traditional workloads. As a centralized management matrix, JUNOS fusion is designed to significantly simplify operation and maintenance and reduce operation and maintenance costs, while accelerating the deployment of new applications and services. Zhanboluo takes the highly scalable and high-density qfx10002 switch as the aggregation device, and the high-performance and low latency qfx5100 switch as the satellite device. Zhanboluo srx5600 gateway provides high-performance routing and security services

in addition, Zhanbo network adopts a large-scale scalable IP matrix to support contract network superposition to drive cloud ready workloads. Take qfx10002 switch as the backbone equipment and qfx5100 switch as the branch equipment. The zhanboluo mx240 3D general edge router, which is an operator level and supports SDN, is used as an edge gateway to connect to the cloud environment

with SDN and zhanboluo contract cloud platform, it departments can create a single matrix across VMware, openstack and bare metal servers. Neil overmon, director of infrastructure of Zhanbo network, said: We used contract cloud to create a cloud that supports SDN, providing virtual network overlay for workloads

as a one-stop cloud management platform, the contract cloud platform can automatically manage and arrange highly scalable virtual networks, with a market sales of 72.3 billion yen (3.8 billion yuan) in 2014. The data center adopts openstack, VMware, contract and other orchestration tools to provide SDN support for legacy and cloud native workloads

with IP matrix and differential segment technology, zhanboluo can use a method to protect the security of its private cloud. Overmon said: we have created a security group similar to AWS to create a port level firewall on openstack. Instead of adopting a single firewall with policies, we wrap each host in its own rules. We can create fine-grained access control and monitor and manage it from an interface

JUNOS space security director can centrally manage security policies. Security director provides extensive security management and fine-grained policy control across the network, providing visibility to threats, compromised devices and risky applications

migrating data and workloads from one data center to another is always a challenge. In many cases, agencies have to rent trucks to transport clusters, or install temporary dedicated high-speed lines. Zhanboluo is not tired on the road or incurs additional telecommunication costs. The IT department has developed a number of technologies and applied them to transmit workloads between Sunnyvale and Quincy data centers, which avoids the interruption of important applications in the process of migration

use Ethernet VPN (evpn) to migrate workloads between data centers. As an ideal choice for data center interconnection, evpn is a virtual network overlay technology that supports nearly lossless workload migration, rapid service recovery, and policy control. Tony tran, the IT network architect of Zhanbo, said that using evpn can minimize the impact of workload migration. In the test of real-time workload migration between data centers, we were able to migrate our intellectual property from Sunnyvale to Quincy without disrupting the application

modernize Wan for cloud. Zhanbo network has transformed its MPLS based network into a flexible, cloud ready Wan, which provides 99.99% reliability and end-to-end service quality. In order to take the lead in cloud migration, the IT department separates the Wan from the data center computing environment located in the same facility. This enables zhanboluo to provide uninterrupted network services during the consolidation and shutdown of the data center. Tran said: in the past, we used to regard the data center as pop, but at that time, we were subject to many restrictions, because we could only be bundled with the data center

by building JPOP covering the world, zhanboluo has expanded the scope of its Wan. This makes WAN services closer to zhanboluo's offices and cloud providers, and connects employees to the cloud more efficiently. JPOP is crucial in providing excellent real-time services and audio and video user experience. In JPOP, juniper directly peers with cloud providers to provide a more direct way to use their services

Zhanbo network has created a virtual network across the MPLS core in order to isolate the data center and expand the secure network segmentation. In this way, chambroad can create a global network segment with higher security, operational efficiency and agility, while reducing the overall cost

significant business results

support the innovation and agility of the public cloud. The use of public and private clouds supports the innovation and agility of zhanboluo. Juniper has integrated 300 enterprise applications and 18 enterprise data centers into 150 applications in the cloud and 1 U.S. data center. Since the spring of 2017, Zhanbo has migrated half of its applications and services

ovchinnikov said: the main advantage of migrating to the cloud is that it can use hardware resources more conveniently. If you buy your own hardware, you can only take advantage of one company. If you buy infrastructure from a cloud provider, you can take advantage of thousands of companies. The cloud provider has a mature technology and professional service team, so that the IT team of zhanboluo can be more streamlined, and at the same time, it can also obtain the latest technology. Ovchinnikov also pointed out that after the migration to the cloud, the performance and reliability of many applications and services have been improved

private cloud accelerates innovation. In the software defined data center in Quincy, zhanboluo is building a new generation of engineering design environment, which will further accelerate innovation, improve product quality and reduce costs. This environment is called the future engineering design environment, which is a dynamic integrated construction and testing platform. Overmon said: by using our own products, we strive to create a slingshot effect in our own engineering design process and build more cloud friendly products for customers

accelerate development through high-performance construction lattice, which enables Zhanbo to add functions more quickly and solve defects quickly. The pilot program is accelerating its development in new ways. At the same time, special containers are used to increase scalability and ensure reliability. Each container is dedicated to an independent step in the developer workflow. It operation and development teams can deliver software more quickly by using docker platform

the productivity of developers has been improved. Testing can be automated on a large scale, and developers can test on virtual or physical infrastructure. Automation has greatly shortened the long test cycle, and the release cycle of JUNOS OS has also changed from quarterly to faster

improve it efficiency. On the whole, it costs have decreased significantly and operations have been simplified. Moving from the U.S. engineering data center in Sunnyvale to Quincy has greatly saved operating expenses. Overmon said: last year, our migration has not been completed, but through the migration of the test environment, our operations support

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