The most amazing volcanic excavator blooms in Beij

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On September 4, the 15th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange (bices2019) opened in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. As an outstanding representative of construction machinery enterprises, Shantui excavator, with its five new models, made a strong debut in this feast in the construction machinery industry

in order to ensure the effect of the exhibition, careful deployment has been made from the aspects of participating products, relevant materials, booth design, personnel organization, etc. At the exhibition, the "full scene" booth was meticulously built to allow visitors to change from "a clear view of printing is a qualified excavator to a" zero distance experience excavator ". The five new hydraulic excavators were further intuitively displayed to visitors in a comprehensive and clear manner, with safe and reliable, advanced technology, and clear and comfortable driving and riding equipment

(se85 hydraulic excavator)

se85 hydraulic excavator, the first end of the root connecting rod is movably connected to the eccentric plate to provide adaptive pressure and flow according to the demand of the load and avoid energy loss. At the same time, according to the bucket excavation trajectory, optimize the bucket structure, reduce the excavation resistance and improve the excavation efficiency

(se150 hydraulic excavator)

se150 hydraulic excavator, equipped with Cummins high-pressure common rail point injection engine, has large power reserve and strong power. The whole set of Kawasaki negative flow system is stable and reliable, with the same tonnage of gold configuration. The fully optimized working device makes the boom stick shaft seat cast, with high strength, good wear resistance and long service life

(se220 hydraulic excavator)

se220 hydraulic excavator, full electric control positive flow hydraulic system, high efficiency and energy saving, good action coordination, operation efficiency increased by 10%, chassis widened and lengthened, a variety of optional configurations, can work on softer soil, and has stronger adaptability to working conditions

(se370lcw hydraulic excavator)

se370lcw hydraulic excavator adopts the wp9h engine of Weichai's latest generation technology, which has strong power, high efficiency, long service life and excellent fuel consumption performance

(se500lc hydraulic excavator)

se500lc hydraulic excavator has an industry-leading electronic control system, which regulates engine speed and pump power, makes full use of engine power and reduces fuel consumption. With this process at the same level, it takes only 8 seconds to complete the other leading super large excavation capacity and bearing bucket capacity, so that you can easily deal with mine operations

it is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, the intelligent exhibition area and business negotiation area were crowded and bustling. Especially around the equipment and in the business negotiation area, many users have in-depth exchanges with staff around the equipment they care about

it is reported that the China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange (bices2019) will last for four days and will end on the 7th

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