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The financial situation of Stora Enso in the second quarter was affected by the season and the market

stora enso-- the quarterly operating profit was 241.8 million euros. Excluding non recurring items, the operating profit was 190.2 million euros. Excluding non recurring items, earnings per share were 0.12 euros and cash earnings per share were 0.48 euros

sales were flat with the first quarter, at 3.233 billion euros, and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization totaled 569.5 million euros. The total EBIT was 206.2 million euros

for this result, Jukkaharmala, CEO of the group, commented: "The financial situation in the second quarter was seriously affected by the season and the continuous difficult market conditions, and the rise in the fixed costs of related maintenance also had a certain impact on it. On the other hand, good cash flow has further improved our assets and liabilities, and is strengthening its commitment to produce excellent synthetic rubber from bio based raw materials. We will still face challenges in major markets such as Europe and North America. Printing and advertising industry, especially Its 2 Then check that the amplifier unit is in the United States, and there is still no sign of improvement. However, the market continues to differentiate, and civil forest paper products, such as office paper and civil paperboard, are in great demand due to such confidence and wood. In a word, the overall recovery process seems to be slow and depends on the recovery of the U.S. economy. "

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