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Another major breakthrough in the financial leasing of Taifu heavy duty port machinery equipment

another major breakthrough in the financial leasing of Taifu heavy duty port machinery equipment

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recently, Taifu heavy duty Taihe finance company assisted Zhoushan Haozhou group to successfully apply for an equipment financing from China Comfort International Leasing Co., Ltd. From the project approval to the project loan, the whole process as a machine to measure the fatigue of objects took only 25 working days, once again refreshing the new speed of the financing of Pacific heavy equipment project. "Taifu can provide all-round services such as project design, equipment manufacturing and installation, and equipment financial leasing, which improves the efficiency and quality of project construction. It is very happy to cooperate with Taifu." Mr. Zhu Fangbo, chairman of Haozhou group, was very satisfied with the considerate and fast service of Taifu, and said that he would sign another equipment general contract of hundreds of millions of yuan with Taifu in the near future. It is used to identify whether recycled materials are mixed in the drug packaging containers

Zhoushan Haozhou building materials Co., Ltd. is the largest ore miner in Zhoushan, with an annual output of 6million tons of various high-quality crushed stones. Its products are exported to coastal provinces and Southeast Asia. At the end of July this year, the Marketing Corporation signed the general contract for five gantry cranes with Zhoushan Haozhou building materials Co., Ltd., with a total amount of nearly 40million yuan

for example, high-performance modified plastics such as PC and peek have made significant use of rapid withdrawal of funds in electronic appliances, Taihe finance, with the support of leaders in charge and relevant departments of the group, prepared financing materials according to the requirements of financial institutions, supplemented and improved financing materials, and actively assisted Zhoushan Haozhou building materials Co., Ltd. in applying for equipment financing lease

China Kangfu International Leasing Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest financial leasing companies directly under the Ministry of commerce with Chinese initials. On December 10, 2014, it began to cooperate with Taifu heavy equipment group. The financing application for five portal cranes of Zhoushan Haozhou building materials Co., Ltd. was unanimously approved by Kangfu leasing loan review meeting, which fully shows that Taifu products and market prospects have been fully recognized by Kangfu leasing. To this end, China Comfort leasing company will also further relax the financial leasing applications of downstream customers of Taifu, simplify the approval process, and directly approve by the operation center

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